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2013/06/27Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - FLIGHT SYSTEM CONSULTING Inc. -
2013/06/26TSE to Begin Calculation and Publication of TOPIX Ex-Financials Indexes and ETF License Application starts
2013/06/26Base prices and daily price limits for newly listed stocks
2013/06/25Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - KANMONKAI Co.,Ltd. -
2013/06/25Designation of Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) -MEDIA CREATE CO.,LTD.-
2013/06/25Alteration of Listing Market (to 1st Section from Mothers) - BrainPad Inc. -
2013/06/25TSE has published the index value of TSE Home Price Index for April
2013/06/24Appointments of Independent Directors at Issuers of TOPIX 500 Constituents
2013/06/20Approval of Reconstruction Plan Pertaining to Debt Relief and Commencement of Market Capitalization Examination - NAKAYAMA STEEL WORKS,LTD. -
2013/06/20Decision on Delisting, etc. -MAGASeek Corporation-
2013/06/19Entry into Grace Periods pertaining to Reassignment to the 2nd Section from the 1st Section and Delisting - NAKAYAMA STEEL WORKS,LTD. -
2013/06/19Developing Rules in Connection with the Integration of Derivatives Markets
2013/06/18JPX to re-launch Super-Long-Term JGB futures
2013/06/14New 3 ETFs to be Listed on July 17, 2013 (Wed.) - BlackRock Group, "iShares®" Series -
2013/06/13JPX Derivatives Trading Volume Passes 200 Million Mark
2013/06/13Designation of Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) -Simplex Holdings,Inc.-
2013/06/12Cancellation of Designation as Securities on Alert -OLYMPUS CORPORATION-
2013/06/11TOPIX index futures trading hits a record high today
2013/06/11Statistics on Dates of Annual General Shareholders Meetings for Companies which settle accounts in March 2013
2013/06/07ETF/ETN Monthly Report for May 2013
2013/06/06TSE Publishes Calculation Methodology for JASDAQ Indices
2013/06/05Removal of expanded daily price limits (Return to normal daily price limits) -TOYO ENGINEERING WORKS,LTD.-
2013/06/04TSE welcomes a new General Trading Participant - CLSA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.
2013/06/04Expansion of daily price limits (Daily price limit will be expanded) -TOYO ENGINEERING WORKS,LTD.-
2013/06/04Removal of expanded daily price limits (Return to normal daily price limits)-UNITED,Inc.-
2013/06/03Trading Overview in May 2013
2013/06/03Expansion of daily price limits (Daily price limit will be expanded) - UNITED,Inc.-
2013/06/03Expansion of daily price limits (preliminary notice) -TOYO ENGINEERING WORKS,LTD.-

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