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4 online retail brokers will participate in single stock options market

Update : Jan. 28, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

The Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ("TSE") announces the participation of four Japanese online retail brokers in the Japanese derivatives market in order to meet the increasing demand from the retail investors' side and to further boost trading volume in Japanese futures and options.
Those four retailers are already offering several financial products but for the first time, single stock options will be added to the domestic portfolio. Exchange traded single stock options are adequate products for individual investors to refine investment strategies and react upon market conditions. To further familiarize retail investors with the opportunities, single stock options may yield, TSE invented an on boarding program, called "Kabu-OP", through which it awareness and usability knowledge of option trading shall be increased among individuals.

Start of Participation Company Name
March 2011 Interactive Brokers Securities Japan, Inc.
April kabu.com Securities Co., Ltd.
Around June SBI SECURITIES Co.,Ltd.
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