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Setting of Settlement Prices for TOPIX Futures Contracts on December 30, 2013 (Mon.)

Update : Nov. 28, 2013


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

With respect to the settlement prices for TOPIX futures contracts (central contract month) listed on TSE, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) currently uses, as a general rule, the last contract price on the relevant trading day as the settlement price. JSCC plans to align the settlement price setting procedures for index futures contracts to those of Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. (OSE) after the planned integration of the OSE and TSE derivatives markets on March 24, 2014. As such, in accordance with current procedures at OSE, the theoretical price of each contract month will be used as the settlement price on the final business days of March, June, September, and December.

In this regard, in consideration of the actual operations of participants, JSCC has decided to adopt the method of setting the settlement price for TOPIX futures contracts (including mini contracts) based on theoretical prices from the end of the third quarter of this fiscal year (December 30, 2013 (Mon.)).


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