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Renewal of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Web Site

Update : Oct. 03, 2011



Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. conducted a comprehensive renewal of its English web site on October 2, 2011, following the renewal of the Japanese web site in August of the same year.

A core goal in this renewal was the addition of new contents to help users deepen their understanding of the Tokyo market and lower the barrier to participation. One example of this is the new "Company Announcements Distribution Service in English", which provides information in English from listed companies themselves. Furthermore, our expanded English coverage will provide users with access to more in-depth information on TSE regulations and timely releases of regulatory measures for listed companies.

The site structure has also been reorganized to assist users in easily locating relevant contents. The site design has also been revised with the goal of simplicity and ease of browsing.

We look forward to your future visits to our web site.

(Renewal Points)

  1. The "Company Announcements Distribution Service in English" provides users with releases directly from listed companies.
  2. English coverage has been expanded to the greatest extent possible to give users access to more in-depth information and increase compatibility with the Japanese website.
  3. The location of global navigation has moved to the top of each page, with new categories such as "Trading Participants" and "System Information". Restructured sub-navigation, located on the left hand side, has been simplified for enhanced accessibility.
  4. User-oriented pages catering to the "General Public","Institutional Investors","Listed Companies" and "Trading Participants" have been newly created.


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