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Regarding the "Tohoku district-off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake"

Update : Mar. 14, 2011



Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) expresses its deepest condolences to those afflicted by the earthquake off the Pacific coast of the Tohoku (North East) region and heartfelt sympathy for listed companies as well as market participants who have operations based in the affected areas or have suffered damages.

Today TSE will operate regular trading sessions for stocks, futures, options, and other listed products.

The Pacific coast along the Tohoku and Kanto regions of Japan was seriously damaged and many people continue to suffer extreme conditions beyond imagination. However, in an environment where cross-border trading is frequently conducted for stocks, etc., TSE recognizes its expected role to provide opportunities for trading as Japan's primary market where supply and demand from a large number of investors is pooled. TSE will make efforts toward achieving proper price formation under such circumstances as soon as possible.

Atsushi Saito
President & CEO
Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc.


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