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Trading Overview & Preliminary Figures for 2011

Update : Jan. 04, 2012




Equity Market


-In 2011, TOPIX recovered during the beginning of the year, with positive conditions continuing until March where it suffered a large decline following the Great East Japan Earthquake. European financial instability in August contributed to further losses, as poor conditions continued to the end of the year.
-TOPIX ended the year at 728.61 points, a 18.9% loss on the previous year.


-Listed ETFs reach 106 issues (gaining 9 from 2010), including "Nikkei 225 Covered Call ETF (1565)". Additionally, 10 ETNs were newly listed.
-Annual trading volume rose 4.03% on last year to 2.30 billion units, surpassing 2008's 2.22 billion units to reach a new record.


-Annual trading volume for 2011 reached 10,575 thou units, surpassing 2010's 8,804 thou units to set a new record.
-The TSE REIT Index ended the year at 834.36 points, a 26.2% decline from the previous year due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and global financial instability.

Derivative Market


-The new derivatives trading system "New Tdex+ System" which merged futures and options trading, was launched on November 21, 2011 (Mon.). Measures were taken to improve the market environment, such as introduction of a market maker system and expansion of trading hours, concurrently with the new system launch in order to improve convenience and liquidity for investors in the futures market. As a result, annual trading volume for mini-10yr JGB Futures reached 7,734 contracts and end-of-year open interest was 631contracts, both historical records.
-Annual trading volume for the TOPIX futures evening session reached 344,000 contracts (22% gain on the previous year), an all-time high for the evening session.
-Annual trading volume for the mini-TOPIX futures evening session reached 16,915 contracts (612% gain on the previous year), an all-time high for the evening session.
-End-of-year open interest for mini-TOPIX futures was 8,799 contracts, up 83% from last year (4,805 contracts).

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  • (*)The data above does not include the trading volume and value (Cash and Derivatives) traded after 15:00 on Dec 31st in ToSTNeT Market.


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