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Trading Overview in September 2013 & First Half of Fiscal Year 2013 (April to September)

Update : Oct. 01, 2013


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Japan Exchange Group released Trading Overview in September 2013.

Cash Equity Market

- Total trading value of TSE 1st Section stocks (excluding preferred stock) in the first half of FY2013 was JPY 351.5131 trillion. This figure ranks third behind those for the first half of FY2007 and the second half of FY2005.
- In September 2013, monthly trading value on the ETF market was JPY 1.7377 trillion.
- Following Tokyo's selection to host the 2020 Olympics on September 8, the trading value on the REIT market has increased sharply. Monthly trading value rose 52.4% from last month to JPY 588.4 billion.
- The trading value of construction sector stocks also surged to more than three times that of last month to JPY 3.7799 trillion. The TOPIX-17 Construction & Materials index ended the month at 168.46 points, up 11.1% from the end of August.
- Monthly trading value of ETFs linked to the construction sector also grew sharply. The NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Construction & Materials ETF (1619) and Daiwa ETF TOPIX-17 Construction & Materials (1636) recorded monthly trading volume growth of 20.8 times and 28.4 times respectively, which are, incidentally, the second highest figures for both issues next to their record volumes reached in March 2011.

Derivatives Market

- Total derivatives trading volume on JPX in the first half of FY2013 (Apr-Sep) was 200,438,009 contracts, surpassing 200 million contracts for the first time ever.
- In September 2013, monthly trading volume for the night session was 4,809,187 contracts. The ratio of night session to day session trading volume was 33.4%.
- Monthly trading volume of OSE DJIA futures was 4,434 contracts, the second highest figure on record since the contracts were launched in May 2013.
- Monthly trading volume of Nikkei 225 VI futures was 5,769 contracts, a record high since the contracts were launched in February 2012, for the second consecutive month.

The cash equity market is operated by TSE, while the derivatives market is operated by OSE and TSE.
The derivatives markets will be integrated under OSE in March 2014.

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