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Trading Overview in 2013

Update : Dec. 30, 2013


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Japan Exchange Group released Trading Overview in 2013.

Cash Equity Market

- Trading volume for 1st Section domestic stocks reached a historic high of 841.63901 billion shares for 2013. Trading value for 1st Section set third highest record of JPY 639.9515 trillion after 2007 and 2006.
- Trading volume for domestic ETFs in 2013 was 4.35 billion units (daily average: 17.78 million units) and trading value was JPY 16.2 trillion (daily average: JPY 66.2 billion), both setting new all-time records.
- Trading volume for domestic stocks in the Mothers market set a historic record of 10.6 billion (daily average: 43.39 million) in 2013. Trading value for domestic stocks in the Mothers market also set a historical record of JPY 27.8 trillion (daily average: JPY 113.6 billion).
- REIT trading value in 2013 set an all-time record of JPY 8.7 trillion (daily average: JPY 35.7 billion).

Derivatives Market

- Total trading volume for the JPX derivatives market in 2013 set a historic record at 366,199,995 contracts.
- Annual trading volume for Nikkei 225 minis in 2013 was 233,860,478 contracts, surpassing the record high set last year.
- Annual trading volume for Nikkei 225 Options in 2013 was 57,269,727 contracts, setting a new historic record for the 11th consecutive year.
- Annual trading volume for TOPIX Futures in 2013 was 22,714,121 contracts, a new historic record. Mini-TOPIX Futures also set a new historic record in 2013.
- Trading volume in the Night Session for December 2013 was 5,493,329 contracts. The ratio of night session to day session trading volume was 34.0%.

The cash equity market is operated by TSE, while the derivatives market is operated by OSE and TSE.
The derivatives markets will be integrated under OSE on March 24, 2014.

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