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Establishment of Marketing and Promotion Unit

Update : Mar. 22, 2011



Tokyo, March 22, 2011 - Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) has decided to establish a "Marketing and Promotion Unit" in April 2011.

The market environment surrounding TSE has been rapidly changing, including intensified global inter-market competition as well as the diversification and enhancement of trading techniques. In this environment, customers have a variety of needs according to specific financial products, services and other areas.

Given these circumstances, TSE will execute a structural change and consolidate each department's sales functions to allow for quick and flexible response to customer needs. This will enable TSE to remain ahead of the curve in the market and pursue customer-oriented services.

Specifically, the Marketing and Promotion Unit will be divided into the "New Listings" and "Market Business Development" departments. The "New Listings" department engages in activities such as attracting listings and developing new financial instruments. The "Market Business Development" department is responsible for marketing operations for financial products, services and systems.

TSE believes that the establishment of the Marketing and Promotion Unit will serve as a driving force to carry out strategies proposed in the new Medium-Term Management Plan. TSE will continue working to meet the needs of its diverse customers including companies aiming at new listing, investors, and trading participants, while increasing market convenience and developing new products and services.


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