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Power Saving Action Plan at Tokyo Stock Exchange

Update : Apr. 18, 2011



Due to the impact of Great East Japan Earthquake, an extremely serious situation regarding the supply and demand of electricity is expected this summer. The government has announced a "Framework of Countermeasures for Supply and Demand of Electricity in Summer" to illustrate the fundamental perspectives and the direction for countermeasures related to supply and demand of electricity this summer.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) will endeavor to continue assuring stabilized market operation, while also enacting countermeasures for power saving, such as turning down the lights and air conditioners in the office and the Arrows market center, in light of the circumstances above. The TSE will review operations including suspending Arrows tours, seminars and events on week days (seminars on holidays will be under consideration). The TSE is also planning to make comprehensive efforts such as encouraging its employees to take vacations in the summer, introduction of summer hours (moving forward of working hours(*)) and SETSUDEN biz (cool biz revised for saving power)

We regret any inconvenience these measures may cause, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

(*) The trading hours will remain the same as current hours.


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