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TSE Announces "Looking at Companies Through an ESG Lens"

Update : Sep. 07, 2012



 In order to heighten investor interest in the 2,200+ companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), from time to time we will be announcing sample groups of stocks selected based on a specific investment theme or indicator.

 To produce the first "Theme Issues List", we have chosen the theme of "ESG" (see below). We have selected the stocks in this group based on the advice of a firm specializing in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) research, (The Good Bankers Co., Ltd.).

 ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is thought that companies appropriately considering and responding to ESG issues coupled with investors investing in such companies will contribute to solving and improving environmental problems and social issues, as well as cultivating and developing a sound capital market.

Selected Companies and Their Major CSR/SRI-Related Initiatives

(as of the end of May 2012)

Code Company Name Industry[TOPIX-17] Major Initiatives
2502 Asahi Group Holdings,Ltd. Foods The company has provided 8 CSR-focused themes, including low carbon dependency and promoting a diverse work force. It has formulated an environmental vision for 2020 and a biodiversity declaration, while engaging in environmental considerations, such as reducing environmental burdens in manufacturing processes and containers/packaging.
5019 Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. Energy Resources The company takes provision of stable domestic energy as its social responsibility. In addition to securing and effectively using energy resources, and promoting natural energy businesses, it is also engaged in agri-bio and organic EL material businesses.
3402 TORAY INDUSTRIES,INC. Raw Materials & Chemicals The company aims to expand its products and technologies which contribute to solving global environmental problems and develops/provides high quality water treatment filters, carbon fiber materials, solar batteries, and fuel cell parts. It also is active in developing female human resources, while increasing the number of female managerial staff each year.
4540 TSUMURA & CO. Pharmaceutical Based on its management philosophy of "the best of nature and science", the company is engaged in CSR through its Kampo(traditional medicine) business. From cultivation of natural remedies to recycling of natural remedy remnants, the company is developing its cyclical business while spreading awareness of Kampo to universities and medical institutions.
7201 NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD. Automobiles & Transportation Equipment The company has prescribed 8 fields of CSR focus, including environment, safety, and employees. It is promoting the development of, among others, its electric car "Leaf" and a rechargeable battery infrastructure. It positioned diversity as an important strategy at an early stage while promoting cultivation and employment of global human resources and female staff.
5857 Asahi Holdings,Inc. Steel & Nonferrous Metals The company aims to achieve continuous development of the society, engaging in precious metal recycling business in diverse fields, including PCs, cell phones, dentistry, and jewelry, as well as industrial waste detoxification/proper disposal business, while also promoting business expansion in the Asian market.
6301 KOMATSU LTD. Machinery The company has defined 3 CSR focuses to engage in as socially valuable activities through its main business, and is engaged in activities to contribute to society by providing construction machines for infrastructure development and improved lifestyles, and engaging in disaster relief and land-mine removal.
6594 NIDEC CORPORATION Electric Appliances & Precision Instruments The company is contributing to society through global products and technologies, and aiming for stable increase in employment opportunities and sustainable corporate growth. It is engaged in reducing environmental burdens through development/provision of motors with excellent environmental performance, and focused on hiring and developing a global workforce.
9433 KDDI CORPORATION IT & Services, Others The company is engaged in enriching child/elderly-focused services, enhancing communication quality, and reducing energy-use of communication facilities/data centers under key CSR themes such as realizing a reliable/safe information society, providing stable information/communication services, and environmental conservation.
9532 OSAKA GAS CO.,LTD. Electric Power & Gas The company aims for harmony with the environment and contribution to a sustainable society. It works to stably provide energy, including natural gas, and encouraging adoption of fuel cells and high-efficiency water heaters. Additionally, the company continues support activities through employees for welfare facilities for children, the elderly, disabled individuals, victims of disasters, etc.
9005 TOKYU CORPORATION Transportation & Logistics The company is promoting CSR in its transportation, real estate, and retail businesses with the core principles of reliability and safety. It is also engaged in improving accessibility of facilities/train cars, implementing low-energy train cars, and utilizing natural energy in its facilities.
8001 ITOCHU Corporation Commercial & Wholesale Trade The company has laid out a CSR promotion strategy for its business that contributes to solving social issues, and is strengthening initiatives in the field of natural energy, such as wind, solar, and bio-energy. Additionally, it has placed a focus on cultivating global human resources.
9983 FAST RETAILING CO.,LTD. Retail Trade With a balance of CSR and business, the company aims for better growth in society and as a corporation. It is engaged in, among others, recycling of all its products globally, workplace monitoring of business partners, expanded hiring of disabled individuals, and business support in emerging countries.
8306 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group,Inc. Banks The company has defined response to global environmental issues and cultivating supporters for a next-generation society as focus areas for the group's CSR, while promoting environmental finance which provides funds to projects connected with reducing environmental burdens, financial CSR which supports entities taking such initiatives, as well as promoting the spread of SRI.
8566 RICOH LEASING COMPANY,LTD. Financials (Ex Banks) In addition to promoting CSR management and laying out a mid/long-term goal for reducing CO2 emissions by 2050, the company aims to realize a cyclical society through its lease business, while focusing on green businesses which support customer environment management.

Source: The Good Bankers Co., Ltd.

Please refer to the following report for details of ESG, methods for selecting issues, and other related matters.

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