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Result of Pre-LOU offering in Japan(Notification to ROC as LOU candidate)

Update : Apr. 14, 2014


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

In response to the offer made by the FSA (2014.2.18 – 2014.2.27) with regard to LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) code allocation entity, Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japan Exchange Group) has applied to the FSA to be registered as LOU (Local Operating Unit) of the global LEI system. The FSA has announced that it has notified ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee) of TSE’s nomination as a candidate of LOU (Pre-LOU) in Japan.

Necessary procedures and preparations are under way to initiate operation as LOU.

The actual initial date of the operation is yet to be determined at this point. The amendment of Financial Instrument and Exchange Act has been submitted to the Congress. TSE will start the operation after the necessary environment has been fulfilled.


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