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Increased Security coinciding with 2010 APEC meeting in Japan

Update : Nov. 01, 2010


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

TSE will implement a period of increased security in cooperation with law enforcement to coincide with the APEC Ministerial Meeting and Economic Leaders' Meeting which being held during November 2010 in Yokohama.

Period of Increased Security

November 4, 2010 (Thu.) – November 14, 2010 (Sun.)


  • Tighter security checks including the use of metal detectors and baggage inspection
  • Increased patrols of the premises
    (If you notice anything unusual, please notify security staff)
  • Increased surveillance using security cameras

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the safety and security of the exchange for all our visitors.


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
General Administration (Security Group)
TEL: +81-3-3666-0141

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