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TSE has established a Facebook page to disseminate information -Launch of "Tdex+ System" for Futures Trading on November 21, 2011-

Update : Nov. 04, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

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Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will migrate futures trading to Tdex+ System on November 21, 2011. In connection with the migration, TSE will implement functional and systematic improvements for the derivatives market, including the extension of trading hours and the introduction of a Market Maker Scheme for mini-futures trading. Additionally, TSE has established a Facebook page as below for the purpose of disseminating such information and promoting interactive communication with market users.

* Information to be disseminated includes descriptions of events held before and after the launch of Tdex+ System as well as comments from personnel involved in the launch.

TSE will continue its efforts to increase the convenience of the derivatives market and enhance operations for the wide range of investors involved in the TSE market.

  • (*)"Facebook" is the registered trade name of Facebook, Inc.


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