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ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Jun 2012

Update : Jul. 10, 2012


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

The trading value of the Bull/ Bear ETFs increased

  • In June, even as the overall trading value of the ETF/ETN market decreased from the previous month, that of two ETFs, "Bull 2x ETF" (1568) and "TOPIX Bear -1x ETF" (1569) rose by 52.86% and 7.76% respectively.
  • Among issues which showed an increase in trading value, "NEXT FUNDS NOMURA Crude Oil Long Index Linked Exchange Traded Fund" (1699) grew by 205.64% versus the previous month as the product drew attention when WTI crude oil futures momentarily dipped below US$80 per barrel in late June.
  • Same as last month, ETF Securities' Natural Gas ETF (1689) ranks top in terms of 30 days' volatility
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