What is an ETF?

Stock Price Index, Base Value, and Market Price

Update : Oct. 29, 2012


1. What is a stock price index?

A stock price index is a numerical representation of overall stock market conditions produced by comprehensively calculating individual stock prices by a given method. TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) is a representative stock price index of Japan. TOPIX is composed of all domestic stocks listed on the TSE 1st Section. Movements in TOPIX allow investors to grasp large movements in the overall stock market. For information on the various indices calculated and published by TSE, including TOPIX and the TSE REIT index, please refer to 2.

2. Information regarding Stock Price Indices, Base Values, and Market Prices.

(1) Stock Price Indices, etc.

TOPIX and Other Indices Calculated/Published by TSE

(2) ETF Base Value (Net Asset Value per Unit)

Information regarding the net asset value per unit of an ETF is available on the TSE homepage or the management company’s dedicated homepage for such ETF.

Method 1: Obtaining Information from TSE’s Homepage

  • Each management company conducts daily releases of information regarding base value and disparity between the underlying indicator and net asset value per unit through the "Company Announcements".
  • In order to view the relevant information, access the "Company Announcements" and type the ETF management company's search code into the "Search Conditions" line of "Company Announcements". Also, for "management company search codes" please refer to the List of ETFs. Information for the most recent 1 month is available.

Method 2: Obtaining Information from Management Company’s Dedicated ETF Page

(3) ETF Market Price

Please click on the relevant ETF from the issue list on “TSE Listed ETFs”.

Additionally, the information can be accessed by clicking "Search" after entering the relevant ETF securities code in the top page's "Listed Companies Search", then clicking "Display of Stock Price".

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