What is an ETF?

Explanation of Indices/Indiators

Update : Oct. 29, 2012


Explanation of Indicators

Explanation of Indicators

Recently, exchanges all over the world have enjoyed active trading of not only ETF/ETNs tracking traditional indicators such as stock price indices, but also those tracking various new indicators.

Such new indicators include indicators which produce results as if using a particular investment strategy (hereinafter “Enhanced Indicators”) and indicators which multiply or invert fluctuations in an underlying index (such as TOPIX) by a variable (hereinafter “Leveraged” for multiplied indicators and “Inverse” for inverted indicators).

In the case of listing ETF/ETNs tracking new indicators, such as Enhanced Indicators, Leveraged Indicators, or Inverse Indicators, the features of the relevant indicator will be introduced on the TSE homepage.

Enhanced Indicators
Leveraged/Inverse Indicators

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