ETF/ETN Square

Update : Oct. 29, 2012


ETF/ETN Contents

List of ETFs/ETNs

An introduction to the ETF/ETN issues listed on TSE.

What is an ETF?

An explanation of ETF features and an FAQ.

What is an ETN?

An explanation of ETN features and a FAQ.


An explanation of the risks involved in investing in ETFs and ETNs.

What is Indicative NAV?

Information regarding Indicative NAV (Net Asset Value).

Ranking Data

Statistical data, including ETF monthly ranking, and a “New Faces” section introducing newly listed issues.

List of Management Companies/Issuers

An introduction to ETF management companies and ETN issuers.

For Management Companies/Issuers

An introduction to the listing criteria of ETFs and ETNs and links to download applications and other documents.

For Large Investors

Information for large investors.


2014/10/06 ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Sep 2014
2014/09/05 ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Aug 2014
2014/08/11 ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Jul 2014
2014/08/06 New ETF to be Listed on August 26, 2014(Tue.) ‐Nikko Asset Management‐ “Listed Index Fund Nikkei Leveraged Index”
2014/07/09 ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Jun 2014
Past News

List of ETFs/ETNs

Japanese Equity Index (market) Japanese Equity Index (size) Japanese Equity Index (sector) Japanese Equity Index (theme)
Enhanced Index Leveraged / Inverse Index REIT Index Foreign Equity Index
Foreign Bond Index Commodity / Commodity Index Commodity / Commodity Index (ETC) Listed ETNs

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