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Indicative NAV and PCF Information

Update : Feb. 26, 2014


ETF/ETN Current Price

The current price, comparison to previous day, trading volume, PCF information, indicative NAV, and dividends for TSE ETFs and ETNs are available as below.

(1) ETF/ETN Current Prices (Issues Subject to Indicative NAV Calculation/PCF Information Provision)

List of ETFs and ETNs Subject to Indicative NAV Calculation/Dissemination PDF
  • (*)ETF/ETN current prices and indicative NAV are updated every 15 sec.
  • (*)PCF information can be downloaded by clicking on an issue name. Please refer to the explanation sheet for details regarding the contents of the data.
Explanation of PCF Data Contents PDF

(2) ETF/ETN Current Prices (*Issues not Subject to Indicative NAV Calculation)

  • (*)ETF/ETN current prices are displayed with at least a 20min. delay.

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