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Update : Jan. 10, 2012


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BlackRock Japan (Code: 13294)

iShares is the world's No. 1 provider of exchange traded funds (ETFs). With the broadest range of cash-based ETFs, you have access to a variety of asset classes and markets based upon the world's leading indices. iShares commitment to transparency ensures that you know exactly what you own; this combined with greater liquidity, deeper markets and tighter spreads means that iShares ETFs can be easily bought and sold on many Exchanges around the world.

BNP Paribas Investment Partners Luxembourg (Code: 13274)

To maintain a low level of "tracking error" , while maximizing index replication performance, BNP Paribas Asset Management implemented a rigorous risk monitoring and management policy, along with specific management techniques, such as securities lending and borrowing, or synthetic replication. The joint commitment of the index management and structuring teams creates added value and allows EasyETF to remain at the forefront of innovation in terms of both management tools (index replication methods) and asset classes (commodities, credit, etc.).

Daiwa Asset Management (Code: 13054)

Daiwa Asset Management, as a leading asset management company in Japan, has been providing a number of innovative investment trust products to investors since the inauguration of the first Japanese investment trust by its predecessor in 1937.
We also created and listed "Daiwa ETF TOPIX" and "Daiwa ETF Nikkei225" when the ETF market was inaugurated in Japan in 2001. Since then, we have been enhancing our ETF product lineup, such as ETFs by industry sector.
Our highest priority is to build long-term relationships with our clients. In achieving this goal, we maintain a coherent investment process, systematic risk management, easy-to-understand information disclosure, and bring our compliance system to the next level. In addition, we put effort into strengthening our client support and the ability to provide products that will meet the diverse needs of our clients.
We have been providing a wide range of stock investment trusts and bond investment trusts as one of leading asset management companies in Japan, in terms of assets under management, thanks to investors` generous support.

ETFS Management Company Limited (Code: 16724)

ETF Management Company Limited is a provider of Exchange Traded Products (ETFs, Commodity ETCs and Currency ETCs). The management of
ETF Management Company Limited pioneered the development of ETCs, with the world's first listing of an ETC, Gold Bullion Securities in Australia
and London in 2003 and then the world's first entire ETC platform which was listed on the London Stock Exchange in September 2006.
ETF Management Company Limited now offers more than 270 Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). The ETPs provide investors with a wide variety of investment strategies, with ETPs offering access to asset classes such as equities, currencies and commodities with physical, long, forward, leveraged and short exposure.
ETPs are simple to access as they are traded in five currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, JPY and AUD) and listed on nine major exchanges globally including the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, NYSEEuronext Paris, NYSE-Euronext Amsterdam, Deutsche Börse, Borsa Italiana, the Australian Securities Exchange and the Irish Stock Exchange.

Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management (Code: 13444)

Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management is the asset management company of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, the largest and oldest financial group in Japan. In the investment trust field, We have over 50 years of experience, the longest such track record in Japan. We also have many asset management professionals with high ethical standards and expertise.We fulfill the various needs of our customers by fully exploiting our asset management, product development, and marketing capabilities, taking full advantage of the abilities of other Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group companies.
The word "MAXIS," is the unified brand name of the ETF series managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management. We have given it this name in the hope that Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management will aim for maximum quality and to be the axis of customers' investments.
We will use this name for all the ETFs created by Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management, and we will try to expand our product line-up so that it matches the various investment styles of our customers.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (Code: 15404)

Mitsubishi UFJ trust and banking cooporation (MUTB) is one of the leading trust banks in Japan and a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group".
In 2010, MUTB launched "Fruit of Gold" series which is the first physically-backed ETFs to use the Beneficiary Certificates Issuing Trusts mechanism based on the Trust Act.
"Fruit of Gold" series comprised of four types of ETFs (Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium) and the only ETF series of which the underlying physical assets (precious metals) are held in trust in Japan.

Nikko Asset Management (Code: 13084)

Nikko Asset Management seeks to provide investors with a wide variety of convenient options
for investment in ETFs and actively develops products in all categories from a full range of Japanese equity ETFs to newly designed ETFs incorporating foreign bonds, equities of advanced and emerging countries, and domestic and foreign REITs. Nikko Asset Management will continue to develop and manage a diverse offering of high-quality ETFs designed to fully meet evolving investor needs and provide a wide range of investment opportunity.

Nomura Asset Management (Code: 13064)

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd., established in 1959, is the core company within the Asset Management Division of the Nomura Group, serving retail and institutional investors worldwide. As a world-class asset management firm that possesses a strong competitive edge in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, our focus on research and portfolio management enables us to pursue superior investment performance to meet the varied and exacting needs of our diverse client base. Understanding the importance of high ethical standards in an entity entrusted with clients' assets, we strive to anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients over the long-term, while also contributing to society in general by strictly upholding our fiduciary duties and by conducting our business activities responsibly.
We provide a number of ETFs, of which brand name is "NEXT FUNDS" (Nomura EXchange Traded FUNDS)", which are linked to domestic and foreign stock indeces, REIT index, and commodity prices, etc. Please visit our website

Samsung Asset Management (Code: 13134)

ETF is regarded as the most successful financial product introduced in the 21st century. With its key strengths providing stability, easy to access and good risk adjusted performance ETF is now acknowledged as the genuinely standing financial tool attracting global Investors.
With this prosperity Samsung Asset Management ETF Division, launched Samsung KODEX200 that was the first ETF launched in Korea and cross-listed Samsung KODEX200 at Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan ware followed after.
Samsung Asset Management distinguishes ourselves with in-depth research ability and long experience. We will not live on the moment but will continuously challenge for our ways to investigate innovative asset classes and strategies within the market.

Simplex Asset Management (Code: 16714)

Simplex Asset Management Co.,Ltd. is a leading and independent hedge fund and investment management firm in Japan. We provide a range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes financial institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals globally.
Maximizing our clients' return and earning their trust is critical, while applying cutting edge financial skills, strict compliance and sophisticated risk management capabilities.

State Street Bank and Trust Company (Code: 15574)

State Street-in partnership with the American Stock Exchange-created the first ETF in 1993 (SPDR S&P 500 - Ticker 1557). Since then, we've sustained our place as an industry innovator through the introduction of many ground-breaking products, including first-to-market successes with gold, international real estate, international fixed income and sector ETFs. |
State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) is the asset management business of State Street Corporation, one of the world's leading providers of financial services to institutional investors. State Street Bank and Trust Compnay, State Street Corporation's principal banking subsidiary, founded in 1792 in Boston, is known as one of the largest custodian banks with unparalleled industry expertise and innovation grounded in centuries of history.

State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited (Code: 13494)

PAIF is managed by State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited (The Manager), which is part of State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), one of the largest investment managers in the world. SSgA is the investment division of State Street Corporation (State Street), a bank holding company whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "STT".
SSgA was established in 1978. SSgA has offices in 29 cities around the world, with portfolio management capabilities in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Boston, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Montreal, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich.
State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited was established in 2000 and holds a capital market licensed in fund management regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In addition to being the Manager of PAIF, the Manager also acts as the manager of Singapore's first domestic exchange traded fund1 (ETF).

Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management (Code: 15624)

Launching the first ETF which invests in Japanese listed companies with significant Asian presence, Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management (hereafter "SMAM" ) takes one more step into the future. Our ETF carries a brand name of "YOURMIRAI", "your future" in Japanese language, reflecting our management belief that the most important is client's bright future, is showing SMAM's strong commitment to contribute to client's asset accumulation through skilled management of the Investment Trust funds and the ETF for the most important "YOURMIRAI (Your Future)".

With our mission statement of "Client Comes First", SMAM has been aiming to provide quality asset management services to our customers since the company was established in 2002. Making best use of our top-level research resources and product development capabilities, SMAM offers a wide variety of quality products with clearly defined investment style and sophisticated investment process that satisfy diversified investment needs of investors.

Specifically, in the area of Asia and China investments where SMAM expects strong growth potential, SMAM is renowned as a trailblazer and one of the leading companies in that field within the Japanese asset management industry. Our investment/research professionals located at Hong-Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo have closely worked together over the years to build strong platform for investing in Asia region.

World Gold Trust Services, LLC (Code: 13264)

World Gold Trust Services, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the World Gold Council and the Sponsor of the SPDR® Gold Trust. The World Gold Council is the market development organization for the gold industry. Working within the investment, jewelry and technology sectors, as well as engaging in government affairs, its purpose is to provide industry leadership, whilst stimulating and sustaining demand for gold. Based in the UK, with operations in India, the Far East, Turkey, Europe and the USA, the World Gold Council is an association whose members include the world's leading and most forward thinking gold mining companies.

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