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Update : Apr. 11, 2011


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List of ETFs on TSE is here

Index Code Name Fund Administrator Listing Date Trading
Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index 1343 NEXT FUNDS REIT INDEX ETF
Nomura Asset Management
Sep.18,2008 10
Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index 1345 Listed Index Fund J-REIT (Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index) Bi-Monthly Dividend Payment Type
Nikko Asset Management
Oct.21,2008 100
Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index 1595 NZAM ETF J-REIT Index
Norinchukin Zenkyoren Asset Management
Mar.7,2014 10
Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index 1597 MAXIS J-REIT ETF
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management
Feb.25, 2014 10
S&P/ASX200 A-REIT 1555 Listed Index Fund Australian REIT (S&P/ASX200 A-REIT)
Nikko Asset Management
Mar.9,2011 10
Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index 1590 iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF-JDR
BlackRock Fund Advisors
Dec.5.2013 1

Note 1: Issues marked with (Note 1) are Foreign ETFs and thus require the opening of a foreign securities trading account. Tax-handling for such issues can be found at the end of their respective outline pamphlets, or by inquiring with the management company or the Japanese National Tax Agency/a tax accountant.

Note 2: “Management Costs (Trust Fee)” (for Foreign ETFs, “Management Fee”) are subtracted from trust assets as a fee borne by investors for the management of the ETF. Figures in the chart are based on Securities Reports released by management companies. For details, please contact the management companies directly.