Update : Nov. 24, 2011


Trading Rule

Trading rule is same as ordinary domestic stock.

  • Trading hour >>> 09:00-11:30, 12:30-15:00
  • Kinds of transactions >>> Regular(T+3) or Cash(T+0)
  • Types of orders >>> Limited order and Market order
  • Tick size, Daily price limit >>> same as ordinary stock
    • - Assuming TOPIX is 1300 and market price of the fund is closely related, tick size is 1301,1302, 1303yen.
    • - Assuming previous day's closing price of TOPIX ETF is 1300, daily price limit is 1100yen and 1500yen.
  • Trading unit >>> the number of shares which constitutes one unit is determined in each ETFs
  • Trading method >>> Itayose method and Zaraba method

Margin and Loan Transaction

  • Margin and loan transaction is available.
  • In principal, margin transaction is available from the listing date. If possible, loan transaction is available at the same day.

Exemption of Purchasing Regulation

  • A securities company who acts as an agency of the Take Over Bid (TOB) is prohibited to purchase stocks subject to such a TOB by its house account. In case of public offering, the underwriter is also imposed the same regulation.
  • However, purchasing for arbitrage or hedge trading for ETFs and Index futures are exempted.

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