Preferred Equity Contribution Securities

Update : Nov. 24, 2011


Preferred equity investment securities are securities under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act which are issued by cooperative structured financial institutions pursuant to the Act on Preferred Equity Investment by Cooperative Structured Financial Institutions. These securities are issued by cooperative structured financial institutions to the general public for the purpose of bolstering their own capital levels as a complement to normal equity investments from members. Holders of preferred equity investment securities are known as preferred equity contributors.

Preferred equity contributors are given priority over members for a dividend amount which was fixed beforehand. However, they do not have voting rights in a general members meeting.

At TSE, preferred equity investment securities can be traded in the same way as stocks.

Item Content
Trading Hours
9:00 - 11:30 12:30 - 15:00
Trading Method Trading through the trading system
Trade Execution Individual auctions for each issue
Types of Trading Cash transactions, regular transactions, when-issued transactions
Trading Unit 1 unit
Types of Orders Market orders and limit orders

The tick sizes and daily price limits are the same as those for stocks. ToSTNeT transactions are also available.

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