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Issuance Procedure: Program Listings

Update : Aug. 17, 2012


Issuance Procedure: Program Listings

There are two methods for issuing bonds on PRO-BOND: program and individual listings.

About Program Listings

Q What is meant by “Program Information”? What is to be gained by presenting it? What obligations are incurred upon doing so?
Q What is the relationship between Program Information and Specified Securities Information?
Q Must we submit Program Information?

Eligibility Criteria

For issuances of bonds on PRO-BOND the following conditions need to be satisfied.

•The securities to be listed must have a rating from a rating agency
•The security firms acting as principal underwriters for the issuance must be registered on TOKYO PRO Market’s list of lead managing underwriters

Q Are there any necessary conditions for utilizing Program Information?

Listing Application Forms

Q You mean that it is possible to use some form other than Form No. 5 to submit Program Information?

Timeline for Listings

Q What is the standard schedule for a listing based on Program Information?

Standard schedule
D-4 Determination of terms, filing of listing application
D-3 Listing approval
D-2 Payment date
D+1 Listing

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