What is TOKYO PRO Market?

Market Model

Update : Aug. 17, 2012


Market model

There are several different entities which all work together to contribute to the success of TOKYO PRO Market. Move your cursor over the circles in the diagram below to find out the vital role that each group plays.


・Listing on TOKYO PRO Market helps companies grow their business through access to a wider range of funding options.
・Through the listing, companies gain access to secure stable groeth capital provided by TOKYO PRO Market’s professional investor base.
・TOKYO PRO Market offers an attractive platform for companies listing in the Asian region that combines a proven tailored regulatory Framework with the opportunity to raise brand awareness.


・Professional investors can invest in promising companies from an early stage of their development.
・TOKYO PRO Market offers professional investors the opportunity to invest in new types of vehicles that are not available in other Japanese markets.

Adviser Community

・J-Advisers assist companies to float on the market. They also ensure that companies fulfil their ongoing obligations once they have floated.
・J-Advisers and other advisers, such as lawyers and accountants, form a professional community to support listed companies.
・Together these advisers act to preserve the integrity of TOKYO PRO Market and contribute to ongoing success.

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