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Who should join TOKYO PRO Market?

Update : Aug. 17, 2012


Who should join TOKYO PRO Market?

TOKYO PRO Market is ideal for Japanese and Asian companies with a strong ambition to:

•grow their business by raising capital on a public market rather than using traditional bank financing
•gain expertise from reputable J-Advisers who will help the companies prepare for a public life and provide guidance on an ongoing basis
•gain access to secure stable growth capital provided by TOKYO PRO Market’s professional investor base, building relationships for ongoing support in further fundraisings
•increase ability to make acquisitions, using listed securities as currency
•enhance their profile to raise awareness and demand, not only amongst investors but also suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, thereby facilitating further growth.

Issuer Profiles

The TOKYO PRO Market rules provide a flexible rule framework for companies to list in Japan, and are based upon the successful AIM model. The market’s professionals-only investor base also allows for a unique market in Japan, and maintains highest market standards and issuer quality. Factors such as company size, free float and minimum trading record do not apply. Instead, companies must demonstrate their appropriateness to join a public market with guidance and support from their J-Adviser.

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