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Sections Guide

The contents of this website are organized into the following 8 sections. Click on a section title to display a contents menu for the section.

Market Information

Market information on TSE-listed issues, information related to stock price indices, surveys and statistical data, and information on paid services provided by TSE.

Listed Companies

Various types of information on listed companies and information for those considering a listing on the TSE market.


Information on listed products including domestic and foreign stocks, ETFs, REITs, futures and options, as well as trading rules.

Trading Participants

Outline of trading participant qualifications required for trading at TSE, also includes introductions of TSE trading participants.

System Information

General information on TSE systems, including information on product-specific systems and overviews, as well as network services.

Clearing & Settlement

Overview of clearing and settlement operations at TSE, and information on the clearing house and settlement organizations.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation

Information related to TSE Regulation operations comprised of listing examination, listed company compliance, market surveillance and participant inspections.

About TSE

General information on TSE, as well as information on visiting TSE Arrows, and TSE publications.

'Home' Guide

A guide to the icons and functions available on our website's top page, "Home".


Site Search

A search based on all the keywords included in your request. Search results will be displayed according to how closely they match your request.

Site Map

A map of pages on the website. Click "Open all menu" to display all menu items. You can access other pages of the website from the site map.

Contact Us

Please use the form provided to send us your inquiries or comments.

Center Block

Company Announcements

Offers English translations, prepared by TSE-listed companies, of material information for investment decisions.

Company Search

To search for a listed company please enter its 4-digit Japanese issue code, its 12-digit ISIN code, or company name (do not include "Co., Ltd." etc.), then click "Go".

The following information is available: basic information such as company name, issue code, ISIN code, market section, and industrial classification, timely disclosure and filing information, corporate governance information, as well as stock price information.

User Oriented Pages

"For the General Public", "For Institutional Investors", "For Listed Companies" and "For Trading Participants" are available and feature contents catered to each user category.

New Listings

Newly listings on the TSE market are displayed according to their listing dates.

Temporary Trading Halt

Issues subject to a temporary trading halt are listed.


TSE news updates from the past three days are posted.

Information Flash

News highlights are displayed in this section.

Site Updates

Recent updates of website contents are found here.

Right Hand Side Block


Displays real-time values of TOPIX, Mothers and REIT indices. The real-time index value and change from the previous day (an increase is indicated in red and a decrease is indicated in green), are shown, followed by the date (mm/dd) and time. For the latest value, please 'refresh' your browser.


The following information is currently offered via RSS.

New Information
- News (Up to the preceding 2 days)
- Site Updates (Current day)

RSS is a data format used for distributing updates to websites and their content in a compact and abridged form. Updates on the site's latest information can be received using an RSS reader, RSS-enabled browser, or program which can read and analyze (i.e., parse) XML.
(*) The TSE RSS feed is restricted to individual use.
(*) Commercial/non-commercial redistribution or creation of a site/mail magazine using the TSE RSS feed is strictly prohibited.
(*) Please understand that suspension of the service or alteration of the URL may occur without prior notice.
(*) TSE will not respond to inquiries regarding use, software, or functions relating to RSS.

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Handling of Personal Information

Please refer to the following page for TSE's policy on personal information.


While every effort has been taken to ensure that the information contained on this website is correct, TSE will not accept responsibility for any damages or loss suffered by users as a result of their use of this information.


TOPIX is a registered trademark of TSE.

Updates and Site Maintenance

The contents of this website may be updated or removed without prior notice. We do our utmost to ensure smooth service, but system malfunctions and maintenance operations may lead to suspension of website services. Services will be resumed as early as possible.

If you have any inquiries or comments concerning this website please contact us via the link below. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot respond to all inquiries or requests.


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