TSE Connectivity Services

TSE Connectivity Services

Update : Apr. 01, 2014


Introduction of JPX Co-Location Service

TSE introduces the JPX Co-Location service menus and the performance of the facilities simply in a short time. Please check on the following movie. (YouTube)

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Announcement about TSE connectivity service

Date Category Contents
29 October, 2013 Totality It has enabled customers of JPX Co-Location Service (all) to use the extranet service
31 May, 2013 Operation TSE has changed the application method for entry to web-based applications
7 May, 2013 Totality It has enabled customers to commence order placement to the applicable exchange systems from the JPX Co-Location Area (all) in the production environment

What are TSE Connectivity Services?

TSE Connectivity Services are services aimed at facilitating trade execution at even higher speeds through the Co-Location Service and the Proximity Service by reducing network latency and raising network speed.

Co-Location Service

Co-Location allows trading participants, information vendors, ISVs, etc. to install devices, etc., on which have trading programs, etc. are installed, at the TSE Primary Site. By reducing the physical distance from TSE trading systems and the Market Information System, users of the service can reduce the time to obtain quote information and submit orders to less than a few dozens of microseconds (one-way).
This is the service for investors who place utmost importance on latency to the TSE market.

Proximity Service

Schematic Diagram

This service allows users to install devices, etc. at the data centers located at the Access Point (i.e., entry point) to the TSE network.
Network latency to the TSE market is second only to the Co-Location Service, and the service is designed with emphasis on connectivity to domestic and Asian markets other than TSE
This service is suited for investors who place orders in multiple markets or obtain information from multiple sources.

  • (*)arrownet is a high-reliability network connecting trading participants and market users to JPX systems.
    It combines a high speed and high capacity transmission network, with 2 access points and a backup site which ensures business continuity even in a wide-area disaster.


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