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Update : Dec. 28, 2012


TSE offers, as a connection service to TSE systems, "arrownet", a network which ensures business continuity during a wide-area disaster.


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A highly reliable network connecting trading participants and users to TSE trading and market information systems.
It adopts cutting-edge technology to achieve high speed and large volume transmission, and secures business continuity in a wide-area disaster through 2 Access Points and a Secondary Site.
TSE started a new service "arrownet version 2.0" on June 25,2012. "arrownet version 2.0" will achieve the high convenient and efficient network of securities market by provision of Broadband- Line service and consolidation of multiple lines with utilizing the network virtualization technology.

System overview

System overview

* If you wish to see an enlarged version of the above figure, please refer to the following PDF document.

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System features

Low latency (reduced network latency)

  • The high speed network between the Access Points and the sites is a 10Gbps optical fiber ring network which employs Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM) technology.
  • Achieve a network of low latency (via Access Point: about 260 microseconds one-way (*1), via Co-Location Area: about 32 microseconds one-way (*2))

Reliability (secure 99.999% availability)

  • Construct a robust optical fiber ring network with totally separate backup routes and 99% buried cables (in preparation for large-scale earthquakes and such wide-area disasters)
  • Dispersed housing of user lines for connection (2 Access Points)

Scalability (secure scalability to ensure sufficient capacity)

  • Secure sufficient bandwidth in the optical fiber ring network in preparation for future expansion (use 2nd wavelength for Co-Lo connection to external networks)

Connectivity (flexible user connectivity)

  • Flexible choice of lines provided by 5 carriers, multiple line services (VPN, dedicated ethernet lines), and bandwidths (64Kbps - 1Gbps) available to securities companies, etc.

arrownet version2.0 features

Provision of Broadband-Line Service (Ensure the capacity of 1Gbps)

  • Properly respond to order concentration due to sharp market moves and increased market information with Broadband - Lines.

Provision of Consolidated Lines (Allow Multiple Services over a Single Line)

  • By using network virtualization technology , Users will be able to take advantage of a more efficient network with consolidation of order-placement lines (unicast) and market information lines (multicast) and consolidation of live and test lines via the broadband-line service.

Communication platform (Can be connected to the system of other institutions)

  • We are working to contribute to the improvement of convenient connection in order to be used arrownet version 2.0 by other institution.

Improved convenience for global access

  • We will improve access from overseas by promoting the connection to the global network service vendors.
  • (*1)Value achieved in actual environment of arrownet version2.0 (one-way from Access Point 1 to trading systems in the Primary Site)
  • (*2)Value achieved in actual environment (one-way from Co-Location Area in the Primary Site to trading systems)

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