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Update : Mar. 24, 2014



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"arrowhead" is the name of the cash trading system which combines low latency, high reliability, and scalability, launched on January 4, 2010.
This system handles the auction trading of all cash products such as stocks and CBs.

System features

Low latency

  • Average order response time of about 1 milliseconds
  • Data distribution time of about 2-2.5 milliseconds
    Data include stock prices and quote information.
    * Values achieved under actual trading conditions during continuous auction.


Process trading information such as orders, executions, and order books on synchronized 3-node data servers.


Constantly secure processing capacity of twice the actual peak value.
When the peak value under actual conditions for a whole day or the peak number of orders per minute reaches 1/2 of the predetermined system threshold value scale up accordingly to secure processing capacity of twice the actual peak value. Accommodate within a week when such scalability criteria are exceeded.

ToSTNeT system

ToSTNeT System (Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading NeTwork System) launched in November 2011 is a trading system dedicated for off-auction trading which provides a speedier trading environment than in the past. It is available for off-auction trading of cash products.

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