Information related to Integration of Cash Equity Markets

Update : Jul. 16, 2013

The cash equity market integration between Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) was completed on July 16.
  • The OSE cash equity market was integrated into that of TSE.
  • Following the integration, the cash equity will operate under TSE listing and trading rules.
  • Trading in the integrated cash equity market will be conducted on TSE trading systems. "arrowhead" will be used for the auction market and "ToSTNeT" (Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading NETwork System) for off-auction trading.

Outline of Cash Equity Market Integration

  • The OSE main markets (OSE First Section and Second Section) were integrated into the TSE main markets (TSE First Section and Second Section).
  • The operation of JASDAQ was transferred from OSE to TSE as the newly established TSE JASDAQ.

image(Note) Other listed products such as ETFs are handled by TSE.

For further details on the cash equity market integration, please refer to the following document.

(Reference Translation) Developing Rules and Regulations in Connection with the Integration of Cash Equity Markets with Osaka Securities Exchange PDF

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